Kelly Harrington had a clear concept of what he wanted to share with the world: a genuine, authentic and honest hamburger. It is really no surprise because all these qualities also describe the kind of man Kelly was: no frills, no fuss.


When he took over the Bloomfield neighborhood bar, Kelly kept the name but changed the menu and from then on Tessaro’s has been serving what has been described over and over again as one of the nation’s best burgers.


If you have traveled through or lived in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Bloomfield anytime within the last 25 years, chances are you’ve caught the rich aroma of succulent, half-pound, all beef, ground chuck burgers sizzling on Tessaro’s hardwood grill wafting down Liberty Avenue or one of its cross streets. With an in-house butcher grinding out marble-to-meat ratios of perfect proportions and a custom crafted iron grill coaxing rivulets of juices onto the flames, our aim is to deliver a dining experience that is as honest and as authentic as Pittsburgh itself.