"…a joint with no attitude, Sam Adams on draft, decadently juicy half-pound burgers cooked on a hard-wood grill and plenty of good cheer."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Tessaro's hearth is home to famed burger's fans.
Thursday, April 06, 2000
By Virginia Phillips

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“If you’re walking around Bloomfield within a few blocks of Tessaro's, you can’t avoid the tantalizing aroma of fresh beef searing to perfection on a wood grill. Tessaro’s should get an award just for improving the air quality of the region.”

2010 legends
By Chris Fennimore
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“The owners/hosts Kelly and Ena greet me and Hilary warmly whenever we go in there; they make us feel like old friends.”

Kathleen George Culinary Tour
By Kathleen George

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“I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a burger at Tessaro’s today.”

Good Greasy Eats
July 28, 2010
By Gary Weinberg

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“When you bite into your first Tessaro’s burger it’s a fantastic experience.  You can taste the grill history, i.e. the proteins of the grilled past."

Pittsburgh Hot Plate
March 20, 2010
By Chef Chuck Kerber

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"We've had people date at this booth, get engaged at this booth, tell their significant other that they're pregnant at this booth. Then they come back with kids and sit at a bigger table. Now, they come back to this booth because they're empty nesters"

Pittsburgh City Paper
Best Hamburger: Tessaro’s
November 11, 2004
By Andrew McKeon

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“It's perfectly charred on the outside and juicy and moist on the inside. And thanks to the hardwood, the burger has a taste like no other—a woodsy, barbecue essence that manages not to overpower the flavor of the high-quality beef.”

Serious Eats
Hamburger America: Tessaro's in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 12, 2009
By Hamburger America

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“Tessaro’s is a pilgrimage destination for burger enthusiasts travelling the burger routes from as far away as Europe and the West Coast, harkened by the lofty claims of a burger Holy Grail; they must see and taste for themselves, claims must be proven.”

The Hamblogger
October 13, 2010
By Admin
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